Applying Recent Copyright Court Decisions to Distance Ed

Fair use, transformative uses, and copyright compliance are important concepts to understand as you begin selecting materials for your online courses. Learn what you can and can't use.

If you teach online courses-or support, supervise, or set policy for those who do you need to understand what resources can be used legally in distance education and how to use them. Find out what you need to know in Applying Recent Copyright Court Decisions to Distance Ed, a Magna Online Seminar led by Linda Enghagen, J.D. Although you don't need to be a lawyer in order to develop a working knowledge of best practices in fair use, your presenter is an attorney and a professor with more than 20 years' experience in distance education. The author of two books, numerous scholarly articles, and brochures on copyright and related issues, Enghagen is an award-winning educator. This is a highly interactive seminar in which you'll learn the legal ins and outs of using the materials most commonly employed in online courses.

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The following video shows the post webinar Q&A session with ASU University Counsel and Associate Counsel, Lucinda McDaniel and Katherine Prescott, respectively. For any clarification or follow-up questions please contact the University Counsel's Office at 870-933-7900 or visit their website here.