Legal Issues for Faculty: How Not to Get Sued

Your Day in Court (whether you want it or not)

Getting sued shouldn't be a rite of passage like earning a Ph.D. or making tenure. Yet it can seem that way for faculty and institutions that donít keep up with evolving higher education laws and norms. Even well-intentioned, honorable, and ethical instructors and administrators can unwittingly expose themselves to legal liability when they follow outdated policies or fail to stay apprised of changing laws, rules, regulations, and their implications. No institution is immune; it can happen anywhere, and lawsuits can involve most anything. The University of California at Berkeley was sued over its Code of Conduct. A Western Nebraska Community College professor was accused of inappropriate assignments, and an Indiana University of Pennsylvania professor was accused of bullying. And the issue at the University of Oregon? Gender bias. Even sending out grades over email can lead to legal trouble. If it sounds like campus has become a legal minefield, thatís because it has. That is why you need the Magna Online Seminar, Legal Issues for Faculty: How Not to Get Sued. While it is impossible to prevent all lawsuits, you can learn how to sidestep many of them and safeguard yourself and your institution by staying abreast of the most pressing issues facing campuses today. Fortunately, you donít have to pore over court cases and law journals to find out what those issues are. Thatís where we come in.

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