Purpose of the ASU Faculty Mentorship Program

The purpose of the ASU Faculty Mentorship Program is to provide an opportunity for pre-tenure faculty to benefit from the professional experience, research, skills and knowledge garnered by experienced faculty over many years in their specific field. The ASU Faculty Mentorship program for pre-tenure faculty will seek to match tenure-track faculty with experienced faculty members of their choice. The matching process will be facilitated through our proprietary software which uses a mentor's research, skills, knowledge and other provided descriptors to match with a pre-tenure faculty member who needs mentoring. To start the process to find an available mentor you just need to click on the search button on the top right hand corner of the ASU Faculty Mentorship website.

The ASU Faculty Mentorship Program has as its main goals:

  1. Create a university-wide culture and an easily accessible structure to encourage and facilitate mentoring relationships between experienced, tenured faculty members and pre-tenure faculty members at ASU
  2. Organize quarterly forums for junior and senior/experienced tenured faculty to brainstorm and share ideas on mentoring skills and its impact on collegiality as they work on becoming tenured
  3. Create a university-wide mentor and mentee repository/database to provide appropriate matching of mentor with mentee/protege
  4. Provide professional development seminars for mentors on effective and appropriate mentorship
  5. Provide professional development seminars for mentees/proteges on finding and choosing mentors and protege responsibilities
  6. Create an annual university-wide peer mentorship symposium - where mentors and proteges can share their experiences and lessons learned during the mentorship process