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ITTC Summer Institute Details

The ITTC Faculty Center is pleased to announce its 2015 Summer Institute.

Again this year we will offer a variety of stipend and non-stipend professional development opportunities, which include full Summer Institutes, Mini-Institutes, and Workshops. The ITTC Faculty Center Summer Institute is designed for participants to learn and apply best practices of teaching and learning, instructional design, and the integration of technologies for course instruction.

Target Audience

Any Faculty, Adjuncts, Teaching Assistant, and/or others interested in professional development. Stipend preference is given to 9-month full-time faculty.

Topics Highlighted During the Summer Institute

  • Understanding the Course Development Life Cycle and its impact on quality course development.
  • Designing and developing interactive and engaging web-assisted, online, and face- to- face courses based upon sound pedagogical principles and best practices in instructional design.
  • Understanding of the mobile learning environment and its impact on teaching and learning.
  • Assessing learners using best practices in teaching and learning.
  • Using Flipped Classroom concepts and activities to enrich teaching and learning.
  • Building critical thinking skills using best practices in teaching and learning.
  • Using rubrics to improve transparency of assessment and learning outcomes, using best practices in teaching and learning.
  • Conducting course and program assessment reviews.
  • Integrating technologies, such as screen capture, audio, video, media and podcasting into web-assisted, online, and mobile courses.

Sessions will consist of classroom instruction by ITTC Faculty Center Staff and invited facilitators, with additional self-directed time, allowing participants plenty of time for hands‐on project work. All participants will be expected to present their finished deliverable at the end of the month in which they attended an Institute or workshop and may be assessed with a rubric designed for the course. Participants will be informally assessed before and after the Institute to measure their understanding and use of sound pedagogical principles, instructional design criteria, and their innovative integration of technology to improve teaching and learning.

Class size will be kept to a maximum of 25 per section.

Summer Institute Options

A faculty member wishing to receive a stipend may choose one of the following options:

  1. A faculty member may choose one Full Institute during the summer of 2015 (Max = $1200). See #3 for add- on options. (Add- on stipend allowance = up to $400 for a max. summer total of $1600).
  2. A faculty member may choose to create a Customized Institute during the summer of 2015 (Max = $1600).
  3. A faculty member may add an additional Workshop to an Institute, unless it is scheduled as part of the Institute they are already registered for.

We encourage all interested parties to participate, but only non‐12 month faculty are eligible for the stipend award. Non- Stipend Participants are not limited in the number of courses in which they can enroll, but we recommend following the guidelines above. More information about eligibility is listed under Stipend Guidelines on page 3 of this document.

Prerequisite Courses

  1. The “From Concept to Design - Using the CDLC to Build Quality Courses” is a prerequisite course required for all Courses all Workshops and Institutes, unless you completed it in Summer 2013. This course’s content is online and self-paced.
  2. The “Mac Basics 101” course is a prerequisite course required for new Mac users attending the iInstitute
  3. “iPad Fundamentals"is a recommended prerequisite for iPad apps, activities, and lesson planning if you are completely new to using the iPad.

Showcase and Graduation

Please note that anyone who attends an Institute or Workshop in June will meet on June 27 for the Showcase and Graduation. July participants will meet for their showcase and Graduation on August 1. If you attend Institutes and Workshops during both sessions we ask that you attend the showcase and graduation on August 1 or both. All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing each Workshop or Institute.

Maximum Stipends Allowed for ITTC Summer Institute

  • Summer (Term 1 & 2 combined): $1600

A faculty member may earn a maximum stipend of $1600 over the entire summer, June through August.

All sessions are open for faculty to attend without stipends – there is no cap on the number of seats available if stipends are not paid. If more funding becomes available, ITTC Faculty Center will request additional applications for the 2015 Summer Institute.

Stipend Guidelines:

A limited number of ITTC Faculty Center paid stipends are available for eligible faculty members. Stipends are not required for attendance; non‐stipend participants will be allowed to attend under the same objectives and criteria.

  • Stipends will be awarded on a competitive and/or a priority need basis.
  • To the best knowledge of the Chair or Dean, the nominated faculty member will be returning to teach at the university during the upcoming academic year. It is asked that summer institute participants apply the concepts, ideas, and skills learned during the institute to improve their next round of courses.
  • Only non‐12 month faculty are eligible for the stipend award. The stipend award cannot put the faculty member over his or her budgeted payroll maximum line item. The Dean or Unit Administrator should determine line item maximums for individual applicants prior to submitting the individual for a stipend award.
  • The nomination will make clear the link between departmental, college or university strategic goals and the expected faculty outcomes from participation in the Institutes and/or Workshops.
  • Adjunct faculty and Teaching Assistant normally are not eligible for the stipends. However, if the adjunct or TA is routinely assigned classes by the department and the nominating official is reasonably certain that the individual will be teaching half-time in both the fall and spring semesters, then the individual may be nominated. It is the complete responsibility of the chair or the dean to execute whatever is necessary for the adjunct or TA to be employed by the university during the summer months. Full-time faculty will have priority assignment over Adjunct and others wishing to receive a stipend.
  • The faculty member cannot be scheduled to teach a class during the period of a Full Institute. If a last‐minute change of schedule puts the faculty member into a teaching situation the chair or dean will notify the ITTC Faculty Center and withdraw the nomination.

Application Process including Scope Document

Participants must submit a one-page scope document describing their objectives to be accomplished during the specific Institutes and/or Workshops (see Summer Institute Course Descriptions). Participants are expected to show how they will use the skills, best practices or pedagogy gained during the Institute to improve their teaching or student learning in the next semester.

The scope document must be submitted to your Dean if seeking a stipend. Otherwise, send directly to The scope document can be downloaded from the ITTC Faculty Center Website.

Click Here to Download the Scope Document Application.


Once approved and recommended by your Dean, you will receive additional information about registration.